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Somatic Shibari Sessions
                                    ~ for Men

A guided journey through rope, and the art of letting go.

The Art of Surrender

Shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage, offers a profound way for individuals to explore their vulnerability, emotional depth and sensual nature. For men, opening up to the practice of being the receiver in Shibari can be a transformative experience, offering a safe space to surrender, permission to let go of the control often required in their professional or personal lives and be in a space where nothing is expected. 



The Essence of Rope


At its core, Shibari is about trust, connection, and the intimate interplay between the rigger (the one who ties) and the model (the one being tied). It’s a dance of communication where the ropes become a medium for expressing intention, emotions and sensations. For men, especially those accustomed to being responsible to take action, be in control or present more dominant, rope provides an opportunity to step into a different role—one that emphasizes receiving rather than giving, surrender rather than control.


The act of being tied can evoke a profound sense of relief, allowing one to be fully held and supported with care. In surrendering to the process, men can experience a deep physical and emotional release, allowing stress, anxiety and tension to melt away. This can be incredibly cathartic, fostering a sense of liberation and inner peace.


The thought of letting go can be challenging, as society often equates masculinity with strength, control, and stoicism. Shibari, however, invites you to explore the softer, more vulnerable sides of yourself. As the ropes encircle your body, you have the opportunity to release the mind and burdens of daily life.


In this space, there is no need to adhere to societal expectations of masculinity. You are free to express your fears, desires, and emotions openly, without judgment. This can lead to greater emotional resilience and a more balanced sense of self.


Exploring on a Somatic Level

We journey within the physical realms with our bodies, breath and awareness. This practice is inherently sensual, focusing on the tactile and visual pleasures of the rope against the skin, the textures in the space, the environment, human connection and energetic atmosphere.



This is an oppotunity to revel in presence and rediscover one's own body and its responses. It’s a journey into self-awareness and self-acceptance, where you can tap into their primal instincts and emotions in a controlled and consensual environment.

Our intention is to curate an experience a nurturing and devotional touch that is both comforting and empowering. This can help you reconnect with parts of yourself that may have suppressed and ignored. By embracing strength in vulnerability, one can develop a deeper understanding of their own emotions and learn to advocate for themselves by expressing them more freely.

For men, this can be a unique invitation to connect with one's sensuality in a way that is often overlooked. The tangible experience of intentional space holding, the vibrations of the ropes, the lighting, sounds and aromas are designed to take you on a voyage as you travel deep into presence with body, relinquishing the need for action or doing.


Trust and safety is paramount in, both physically and emotionally. All sessions begin with open communication and mutual consent about boundaries, desires and agreements.  We continue with regular check-ins throughout for best practice of care and work with intent to provide you the most supportive experience.

These Somatic Shibari Sessions can be transformative experience for men, offering a sanctuary where you can explore your sensuality, polarities, and emotional depth. This journey of self-discovery and emotional release can be profoundly healing, helping men navigate their professional and personal lives with a renewed sense of balance, clarity and inner peace.


It would be a great honour to hold space for you.

With Gratitude --

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