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Brianna Lee, 
Rope Alchemist

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e t h o s

  • Consent
    Consent is the foremost way of connection and communication with self and others

  • Recognition
    Be seen and heard, beyond words and emotions

  • Embodiment
    Somatic experience to become aware of the body, mind connection in all it's totality

  • Sanctity
    In reverence of you and ritual

  • Accountability
    We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions, thoughts, words, energy

  • Choice 
    You hold discernment to choose

  • Integration
    Aftercare & methods to integrate experiences


Shibari originated from Japan in the 1400s where warriors used rope to quickly capture and restrain enemies on the battlfield. This method is called Hojo-Jutsu, and had evolved into a key part of law enforcement in the 1600s as an act of capturing, binding and restraining criminals through torture. Knots used depended on the social status of the prisoner, their crimes, and the jurisdiction of the Samurai in charge. 

What we know as Shibari now is a modern, westernized-version of this ancient craft that is often present within the BDSM and kink scene. Modern rope based bondage is heavily influenced by hojojutsu ties and techniques but now have a focus in tying a muse in aestethetic & compelling ways. This style is also commonly known as Kinbaku (translates as “the beauty of tight binding”) rising in the 19th/20th century.


Central to the art is the positioning of knots on pressure points on the body, similar to acupuncture techniques to stimulate the flow and transfer of Qi in the body. This practice of consensual, artful rope bondage provides an exploreation of strength in vulnerability, trust and intimacy.

o r i g i n s


Deep Gratitude for your presence here with me

​It is so enriching to answer the call to share the ancient art of Shibari in a new light. Shibari has been prevalent in the BDSM scene as a form of kink and erotic play, leading to a common misconception that it is strictly a sexual experience. My personal journey with this tool has been a deep exploration of self & healing. 


Shibari envelopes much more than erotism, sexuality and kink - it is an integral practice and sacred exchange, a conduit to go within, to connect beyond the tangible realm. The ropes transcend words and logic, offering expansion in unexpected ways. I am honoured to hold space for others to activate new pathways of release and healing, to embrace new platforms of artistic expression and stimulate support for person development.

Through sharing this medicine, I am committed to creating a safe space for self discovery, free of judgement and open for all forms of expression. My intention is to build a supportive and consensual rope community for those who are curious, those who seek to unearth beyond the surface, and those who desire to devot to the art.​

                                                          ~ Brianna Lee

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