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If you are curious to discover our offerings, share a creative idea, book a session or enquire about the art of Shibari, please get in touch.
Looking forward to connecting with you.

Let's Connect

Thank you for reaching out, be in touch soon x


  • How can I contact you?
    You may email me directly at or send a message on the contact form below.
  • How do I book a session or book onto a workshop?
    Bookings can be made online through the links here ________ or through DM. If there is a booking request outside of the hours posted, we can connect to arrange a bespoke time.
  • What is the recommended choice of clothing?
    Wear something comfortable and casual that hugs tight to the body. eg) active wear, lounge wear
  • What is your refund policy?
    Our refund policy ranges from offering to offering. Workshops are eligible for a refund up to 24 hours before the event. Healing sessions are eligible for a refund by request up to 48hrs before booking.
  • Are your offerings for men and women?
    Our Workshops are for all genders unless specified. Our Somatic Shibari Healing Sessions are for womxn only.
  • What kind of rope is used for Shibari?
    We reccommend 4 to 5 pieces of 8m long x 5mm thick natural fibre rope. Jute is our preference, but you can also use hemp.
  • Can Shibari be painful?
    Trust and consent is the number one passage in engaging in rope play and once this is established, boundaries and communication are vital to the experience. Shibari can be constricting and uncomfortable at times but it is not meant to be unpleasant or a method of harm. Pain can appear as an element of shibari, due to the period of time spent still, restrained and with limitations to movement. However, with trust and consent, the feeling of tightly bound rope has a nuturing effect, much like how a mother carries a baby or like a tight cuddle. Our nervous system relaxes into a restful rhythmn and we can slip into a meditative state, which is the intention of our rope style here at Devotional Alchemy.
  • Is Shibari about Sexual Pleasure?
    Shibari is not all about sexual pleasure. From an outside perspective, shibari may seem like it's solely focused on sexual pleasure and erotic play, but does not have to be the case. Different people have varying motivations for engaging in this type of rope bondage. People may feel sensations of arousal by the body awareness that they experience during and after shibari, but not every experience needs to include sexual connotations. Similarly, one may feel more connected to the person tying or being tied because of the level of trust the practice imbues.
  • What is your drug and alchohol policy?
    No tolerance for drug and alchohol use when practicing Shibari with us. We suggest to remain sober during all Shibari practice as there is a level of risk involved. Bondage activities require all parties to be coherent, consensual, responsible, and focused.
  • Do you travel locally for sessions or visit other states?
    Yes. There will be an additional fee discussed to cover transportation costs.
  • Do I require any previous experience with Shibari?
    No experience needed. Our Somatic Healing Sessions are all floor-based rope and designed at a base level for safety and accessibility. Our Intro to Rope workshops are designed for begginers.
  • Do I need my own set of ropes to attend a workshop?
    You do not need your own set of ropes to attend our workshops. We have plenty to go around and in different styles so you can find your preference. You are encouraged to bring your own rope if you have, to build a connection with it and your personal practice.
  • Where are sessions and workshops held?
    Shibari sessions and workshops are held at a private studio in Maroubra. Some services can be scheduled for a home visit for a transportation fee.
  • Do I require a partner?
    You may come to our workshops solo or with a partner. You will see ticket options available. Most classes are designed to do ties on yourself but the intermediate classes will require a partner. If you do not have one, are interested to learn and are open to meeting new likeminded people, there will be a partner for you.
  • What do I need to wear?
    You may wear anything you are comfortable in, preferably tight fitting clothing that you can move in. Keep it casual and bring a tie for long hair.
  • What is the duration of a Somatic Shibari Healing Session?
    The booking is for 90 mins. We chat for 15 mins prior to the experience, spend 1 hour moving through meditation, breathwork, ties and sound healing, following with a 15 minutes debrief after.
  • Who can attend the Community Rope Jams?
    Community rope jams are organized for those who have attended our workshops or sessions and have experience with rope. The invitation is extended personally to this group of people and those who are inviting a partner to tie who has not attended is permitted but must be communicated with us first.

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